"Discover How DIYers (LIKE YOU) Are Using Their Love and Passion For Interior Design To Create A Thriving Passion Driven Business!"
Learn For FREE From The Top 21 DIY Experts In The World During Our LIVE "Fixer Upper At Heart" Summit October 26th - 28th
Learn For FREE From The Top 21 DIY Experts In The World During Our LIVE "Fixer Upper At Heart" Summit October 26th - 28th
Mandy Keen and Mike Ryan
(Co-Founders Understand.me)
James P. Friel
(16 Personalities Expert)
This is where the 'summit summary' paragraph from your 2-page planning worksheet will go.  This is where the 'summit summary' paragraph from your 2-page planning worksheet will go.  This is where the 'summit summary' paragraph from your 2-page planning worksheet will go.  
January 1 - 3, 2020
The Fixer Upper At Heart Summit
 October 26th - 28th, 2020
"Times Are Changing..."
  • No longer do you need some fancy degree or certification to turn your passion projects into a recurring revenue of clients/customers begging you to work with them…
  • ​If you look around and see many of the people you follow or watch have zero to no prior experience in interior design yet they are all seen as “interior designers”
So How Do They Do It...
Learn Secrets From DIYers (Like You) Who Are Using Their Love and Passion For Interior Design...
AND Have Created A THRIVING Passion Driven Business Without Any Degree Or Prior Experience In Interior Design!
On The 'Fixer Upper At Heart’ Summit, You'll Learn From:
Prepare to meet these Experts...
Ashley Dixon

"Remember How Many Different Types Of Bread There Are In The Grocery Store- Allow Your Differences To Make You Shine!"

Heidi Parson

"Success formula: keep your blinders on..."

Jen Marshall

"Behind every photo there is a person & story- 
making instagram profitable..."

Jenny Peterson

"The key steps in building your social media platform..."

Kaycie Chiampi

"Finding virtual ways you can use your talents in design to reach a huge world of clients..."

Michelle Inkley

"How to find your niche...what is your love & passion? Organization is my love..."

Stacie States

Successful business owners work in their business as well as on their business..."

Prepare to meet these Experts...
Amy Wilson

"Keep creating & stay ahead of the game..."

Arrow Tallman

"How to master the designer & real estate agent partnership..."

Bethany Sinks

"Remembering to find your community & have fun doing it..."

Holly Jolly

"The easy steps to be the authentic you..."

Kasey Dixon

"The 3 simple secrets on monetizing your business..."

Lori Carlen

"3 steps to remember what a company is looking for in an affiliate/influencer..."

Tiffany Castleberry

"4 reasons why blogging is the place to keep your content visible & safe..."

Prepare to meet these Experts...
Brianna Brown 

"An easier way to help fix each other’s crowns and create beautiful instagram spaces..."

Jen Bryant 

"Remembering to not wait for the perfect post… just post it..."

Jodie and Julie 

"The top 3 tips to building your Instagram presence..."

Kari Johnson

How to find your friends so that your growth will happen in your community..."

Rebecca Propes

"You don’t have to be good at everything… find what you love, what you are good at & become the expert..."

Sarah Clark

"How to use your audience for good..."

Tiffany DeLangie

"3 secret resources for acquiring information to making money inside social media..."


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Prepare to Meet These Personality Masters…
Prepare to Meet These Personality Masters…
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